Dyk Mühle

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Patented special milling system (DFM - Dyk Flour Milling)

Already in the beginning of the 70´s, long before the boom on the health-food sector started,
the DYK-Mill begun with the production of wholemeal flour. A special milling system was developed,
where the kernel could be milled as a whole, instead of separating the germ bud, stabilizing it by
heat treatment and returning it back to the flour, as to prevent this from getting rancid.

With this patented milling system it was achieved to de-activate the fat splitting enzymes
of the kernel, without destroying the vitamins, as done in the case of conventional milling.
This way, high  quality wholemeal flour is produced with a shelf-life of at least 9 months.

Scientific tests on the flour to prove the superior quality were carried out by Prof. Seibl of the
Federal Centre of Cereal Research in Detmold, Germany.


Keeping the vitamins and vital substances! Only after 6 months a noticeable decomposition
sets in and even after 9 months only about 50 % of the vitamins are affected.

The starch exposure degree can be regulated!

Potential larvae or eggs of varmints (if accidentally present in the grain) are 100% destroyed
by the special milling system.